NWSMP Level 1-3 enhanced course

Key facts


£232 per person

(Group rates available)

Course duration

Three days


Two years

Minimum age

18 years


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The RLSS UK National Water Safety Management Programme is a flexible, modular framework of qualifications.

Candidates who are renewing their qualification pay £209.00. Please choose the appropriate option during booking.


This course comprises the following modules:

  • RLSS UK NWSMP Level 1 Water Safety Awareness

  • RLSS UK NWSMP Level 1 Aquatic PPE

  • RLSS UK NWSMP Level 2 Beach

  • RLSS UK NWSMP Level 2 River

  • RLSS UK NWSMP Level 2 Still Water

  • RLSS UK Life Support 3

  • RLSS UK NWSMP Level 3 In Water Rescue


For a copy of the current syllabus for the NWSMP, go the RLSS UK website.


This course will comprehensively cover the main modules of the NWSMP award scheme, including the life support and aquatic PPE modules but not the occupational flood safety module.

NWSMP Level 1: Water Safety Awareness Module

The programme starts with the Level 1 Water Safety Awareness Module which is comprised of two units. Candidates progressing to Levels 2 and 3 must first successfully complete Level 1.

The course begins with a Self Study Unit which takes approximately 2 hours to complete. This leads to the Guided Learning Unit which is delivered through a 4 hour classroom based session facilitated by a RLSS UK approved Instructor. Candidates are required to competently perform a risk assessment exercise and a land based rescue. Candidates do not enter the water at Level 1.

NWSMP Level 2: Environment Specific Modules and Life Support Option

On completion of the Water Safety Awareness module, candidates can elect to further their training by progressing to Level 2 selecting one or more of the environment specific modules offered, covering Beach, River and Still Water. Candidates can also achieve Life Support. At Level 2 candidates are required to enter the water, to experience the challenges of open-water.

Candidates need to be water confident. Water rescue techniques and other water safety management skills will be addressed but candidates are not required to swim. A key element at this level is a clear understanding of why it is essential for people to understand their personal limitations and stay within them.


Life Support is an additional module that provides candidates with training in basic emergency first aid with the capability to perform basic life support.


NWSMP Level 3: In-water rescue

The pre-requisites to the Level 3 ‘In-Water Rescue’ module are that candidates are required to be water confident and be able to complete a continuous swim of 100m on their front and 100m on their back. In addition, candidates should be able to surface dive and tread water for 2 minutes. The Level 3 ‘In Water Rescue’ module includes swim rescue skills. Level 3 is a separate module delivered over a minimum of 4 hrs. The theory needs to precede the practical.