Royal Yachting Association courses

We offer a broad range of navigation, communication and safety face-to-face and online training courses. Most courses lead to a Royal Yachting Association (RYA) certificate upon successful completion of the course. Almost all of our shorebased courses require you to have little or no prior knowledge of the subject.

Click here to see the RYA's summary of shorebased courses.

If you are interested in obtaining your Marine Radio Short Range Certificate (SRC), look at the RYA's video:

If you're attending the Marine Radio SRC course, you may find this copy of the phonetic alphabet helpful.

How about starting your journey with some online training to learn the essential skills of navigation and seamanship? Have a look at the RYA's video about this useful course.

Marine radio

Marine Radio SRC face-to-face

This is the FACE-TO-FACE version of the marine radio short range certificate training course

Per person:


Day skipper

Day Skipper Theory

RYA Day Skipper Theory Shorebased

Per person:


First aid

RYA First Aid

RYA First Aid Certificate

Per person:



Yachtmaster® Theory

RYA Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster®

Per person:


Essential nav

Essential Navigation and Seamanship

This is the FACE-TO-FACE version of the RYA Essential navigation and seamanship course

Per person:


Diesel engine

Diesel Engine Course

RYA Diesel Engine Course

Per person: