RYA First Aid Certificate

Key facts


£70 per person

(Group rates available)

Course duration

One day


Three years

Minimum age

Not specified


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Royal Yachting Association First Aid Certificate

(especially good for sailors, powerboaters and RYA instructors)

When you need to use the basics in more challenging circumstances, you'll want to have learned from the best and had a chance to practise your skills.

Whether you're an RYA Instructor needing to validate your certificate or a leisure boater looking to be prepared for emergencies, this is the course for you.


There are four aspects of this course which are rarely found in standard first aid courses - the CPR protocol for drowning (which the Resuscitation Council UK recommend only be taught to those who have a specific duty of care to potential drowning victims), the modification of the recovery position for small spaces, immersion hypothermia and seasickness.

All of our trainers for this course have extensive experience of both teaching first aid and using their skills in search and rescue. We are able to answer those difficult 'what-if?' questions and provide definitive, up-to-date advice.

Statutory information required by the RYA is available in the course flyer.

Please contact us if the dates shown below are not suitable, or if you would like us to deliver this course for your organisation at your location.