Marine Radio Short Range Certificate (F2F)

Key facts


£70 per person

(Group rates available)

Course duration

One day



Minimum age

16 years


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Marine Radio Short Range Certificate of Competence and Authority to Operate training


This information is about the face-to-face training course.


IN AN EMERGENCY, you need to know the right things to do.

Successfully completing both a training course and an examination (which is booked and paid for separately) will qualify you for the certificate of competence and authority to operate marine VHF radio.


The face-to-face training course is also a great opportunity to ask all of your questions, and use our network of Icom simulator radios to practise your radio communication skills.


Click here for an example of a typical course programme.


Before your course:

Once you have paid for your training, you will be sent a copy of the course book, the RYA's VHF Handbook, and a pre-course workbook. It is absolutely essential to complete this self-study element, over about three hours, to benefit from the face-to-face part the course. It also helps to have knowledge of the phonetic alphabet before you come. Click here for a printable copy to look through before your book arrives.


Three hours self-study, plus seven hour training course - ten hours total training time. The examination is not included in this time.

Additional costs:

In order to qualify for the Marine Radio Short Range Certificate of Competence and Authority to Operate, you need to successfully complete an external examination, which we can arrange and facilitate. The fee for the examination is £60, paid directly to the RYA. This fee is payable prior to the examination commencing and includes the issue of the certificate to successful candidates.

All of our trainers for this course have extensive experience of teaching theoretical and practical boating skills as well as personal experience of maritime search and rescue, often in positions of command.


Statutory information required by the RYA is available in the course flyer.