Water Rescue Equipment Training

Key facts


£nnn per person

(Group rates available)

Course duration

Two hours


Not specified

Minimum age

16 years


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RLSS UK Water Rescue Equipment Training

The Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) has developed Water Rescue Equipment Training to ensure as many people as possible are confident and competent in the use of water rescue equipment found around waterways.

Who is Water Rescue Equipment Training designed for?

  • Anyone aged 16-years or over

  • Individuals in any local community, especially those living near a waterway or body of water

  • Anyone with a responsibility for supervising the public near a waterway or body of water 

  • Businesses with responsibility for outdoor operatives working in or around water 

  • Education establishments with lakes or ponds on-site or located in a river city or town

Please note: There is a competency assessment at the end of the session that includes verbal questions and a practical element demonstrating safe use of a throw bag.

This course is usually provided for a group of employees at your location.


Please contact us for availability and costs, as well as advice about the type of training which would meet your needs.